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Christofir Krihkori's Bio:

Christofir Krihkori is the CEO/Founder of the Business Consulting/Coaching firm CK International, and his passion is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create substantial success.

Christofir has a successful background in finance and marketing, having spent over 15 years working with businesses, from start-ups to major global brands, to increase sales, productivity and overall success. He’s an innovator with a remarkable ability to determine and dictate success strategies and show entrepreneurs and companies how to seize global market opportunities.

At a young age, Christofir bought and started over 10 companies and has extensive background in international trading, eCommerce, and building successful companies around the world. Over the past decade, he’s specialized in helping companies launch, grow and create exponential valuation in the market, and he loves to help and coach people in what it takes to build successful companies. For anyone who owns a business or wants to capitalize on the entrepreneurial dream, Christofir’s message will enlighten them with knowledge and action principles to turn their passion into success!

Currently based in Los Angeles, Christofir is President of Plutus Brands, a well-known retailer in the home accent wholesale, manufacturing and retail industry. He has worked in Shanghai, China, manufacturing high-end furniture and selling it globally. Christofir served as President of BOM Restaurant Franchises from April 2004 – February 2011, in charge of their national franchise operation.

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Skydiving, Paragliding, Swimming, Scuba-diving, Traveling, Reading...

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